Virtual Counseling

Easy, accessible counseling in the comfort of your own home!

Contact us today to schedule a telemental health counseling session by phone or videoconference with one of our licensed professional counselors or licensed clinical social worker. Telemental health services are available for people residing in or visiting the state of Pennsylvania.

Insurances accepted.


Telehealth counseling refers to counseling services that are provided through the Internet. Most often, virtual counseling occurs with the use of a web camera and the client and counselor interact over the Internet instead of in a face-to-face situation. Other terms for virtual counseling include cyberspace counseling, Web counseling, tele-counseling (with the use of cell phones that have the capacity to use FaceTime like applications), and even Internet counseling.

Some of the Advantages to Virtual Counseling Include:

  • Virtual counseling provides an accessible medium for clients who are interested in counseling services. People that live in rural or remote areas may not have counselors close to them and can benefit from the use of virtual counseling services. People that cannot readily get out of their home due to a disability or some other hindrance can also benefit from virtual counseling services.
  • There is some research that suggests that teenagers and children may be more comfortable with virtual counseling than with traditional counseling sessions performed in person.
  • Virtual counseling creates an opportunity for therapists to extend their services to more clients and reach larger geographical areas.
  • Virtual counseling offers convenience for clients who have busy schedules.
  • People who have anxiety disorders like phobias or agoraphobia may find virtual counseling services easier to engage in.
  • Because therapists that engage in virtual counseling have less overhead (e.g., no office rent, traveling expenses, etc.) virtual counseling services may be more affordable.
  • Virtual counseling services may provide more anonymity to people as clients do not have to attend a clinic where they are seen by others. This can also reduce the social stigma associated with going to therapy or counseling sessions.

How You Can Benefit from Virtual Counseling

This is how virtual counseling with our licensed professional counselors can benefit you:

  • Eliminating the issues with finding the office, waiting for your appointment, and then driving home afterwards – in short  virtual counseling eliminates many of the inconveniences that you dislike about going to a doctor or dentist appointment.
  • Counseling sessions can be scheduled to fit your busy schedule much easier.
  • You can focus on just what you need to work on instead of worrying about other issues.
  • The communication between you and your counselor remains focused as you interact with the counselor over your internet connection.
  • You are more likely to be far more relaxed at home than you would be in an office environment. This can facilitate the counseling process.
  • The counselor is able to personalize the sessions to fit your needs (or if you are in couples or family therapy the needs of your partner or family members) based on the interaction between you and the counselor. There is no wasted effort.
  • Sessions are totally private.  No one else needs to know that you are seeing a counselor.
  • In some cases sessions may be scheduled on short notice to accommodate potential emergencies.
  • Very often other clients in health care settings may have colds, influenza, or other illnesses that you might contract.  This is not the case with virtual counseling as you are in the safety of your own home.


Virtual counseling is a rapidly growing service that appears to have quite a bit of potential. There are advantages to virtual counseling and there are some potential problems associated with this service. You should make sure that you have a secure and reliable internet connection and that you be sure to schedule your sessions when you are able to participate in them.  Given that, virtual counseling can get you the assistance you need, when you need it, and on your own turf.